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1. Welcome to Indigenous Business Month 2020.
2. Indigenous business growth in Australia.
3. We are Supply nation certified.
4. Historic Indigenous and Economic keynote speech Charlie Perkins.
5. Historical report from 1993 Indigenous business conference
6. Who is Claystone Marketing?
7. Claystone Marketing launches new range of services
8.Our Indigenous Medical Supply Service to ACCHO
9.Contact us
10.Please share/promote Indigenous business 


1. Welcome to Indigenous Business Month 2020 

This year’s Indigenous Business Month theme Invigorate, Build, Maintain to keep our sector strong, is a practical call to arms – acknowledging that businesses across all sectors are met by challenging times in 2020, and acknowledging we all have a role to play in keeping the Indigenous business sector strong. 

Now in its 6th year Indigenous Business Month Co-Founder Michelle Evans said now more than ever, many Indigenous business owners were navigating significant challenges against the backdrop of a tumultuous 2020. 

“2020 has not been without challenges for many business owners. Across our country we’ve seen bushfires, floods, and COVID-19 restrictions impact the day to day operations and livelihood for business owners and operators big and small,” said Michelle MURRA Program Director and Associate Professor of Leadership at the University of Melbourne. 

As government and corporate Australia move towards a target of 3% of procurement from Indigenous businesses, programs such as MURRA and Indigenous Business Month play a significant role in building a thriving Indigenous Business sector, which will assist in reaching such targets. 

Our Supply Nation 100% Indigenous owned one-stop marketing consultancy is very proud to share with you this newsletter celebrating the growth of our sector. 

Merv Fernando

Managing Director 

Claystone Marketing

2. Indigenous business growth in Australia 

In the contemporary era, the development of a robust and sustainable ‘Indigenous economy’ is essential for realising self-determining futures, facilitating sustainable and independent communities, and closing the gap. 

In line with the principle of self-determination, more Indigenous people than ever are seeking to achieve economic independence by contributing to the economy through the establishment of Indigenous businesses. 

Evidence suggests that the recent growth in the Indigenous business sector has been influenced by a range of factors,

Read factors here and download reports.

3. We are Supply Nation certified 

Since 2009, Supply Nation has worked with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses along with procurement teams from government and corporate Australia to help shape today’s emerging and rapidly evolving Indigenous business sector. 

Supply Nation’s world-leading 5-step verification process provides peace of mind by ensuring that all businesses listed on Australia’s largest national directory of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses, Indigenous Business Direct, are not only Indigenous owned but are also regularly audited for changes in company structure and ownership. 

In addition, Supply Nation receives daily updates from ASIC regarding any changes to business ownership which allows us to conduct real-time audits. This reinforces the integrity and accuracy of Indigenous businesses listed on Indigenous Business Direct 

Supply Nation partners with its paid membership of government, corporate and not-for-profit organisations to develop procurement policies that modify and redirect spend to include the traditionally underutilised Indigenous business sector. 

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4. Historic Indigenous and Economic keynote speech Charlie Perkins 

“ Importantly Aboriginal people should be aware of this false economy which forms the basis of Aboriginal affairs in this country. 

The economic lifeline is maintained only at the discretion of politicians and a fickle public. 

We must therefore develop and consolidate a viable economy for our various communities and organisations that will sustain us into the future. 

We must create short and long-term economic strategies now and thus create a more independent and secure base for ourselves and our children. 

The reality is that Aboriginal people under utilise, to put it kindly, their current economic and personnel resources. The potential for economic viability for our people is available now if only we could awake to the opportunity and not be blinded largely by employment survival economics 

Unless the approaches to Aboriginal health are broadened to include greater attention to the health problems of adults, and are matched by broad ranging strategies aimed at redressing Aboriginal social and economic disadvantages, it is likely that overall mortality will remain high. 

Dr Charles Perkins opening the Australia’s First National /International Indigenous and Economic Conference (NIBEC 1993) Alice Springs. 1993 International Year of the World’s Indigenous Peoples.

Picture above Dr Charles Perkins with Claystone Marketing mentor Colin Cowell 

Link to

Considering the previous scenario let me now suggest some strategies for consideration which may assist to create a template for our future the healthy Australia. 

The key elements are all interconnected in a total mosaic of Aboriginal affairs underpinned on the one hand with our culture and on the other with Aboriginal affairs economics. 

Read Mr Perkin full speach here


NACCHO Aboriginal health: Dr Charles Perkins 1993 speech “Aboriginal people and a healthy economy” 

1.The first is the Aboriginal economy specifically and what we can do to remove the concept and perception of “welfare” from Aboriginal affairs. 

2.My second major suggestion toward our survival as Aborigines, is cultural renaissance 

3.Thirdly, We must “free up”, for want of a better word, our numerous Aboriginal organisations. 

4.The future is ours to create. Today is our tomorrow 

5.Fifthly a major element which would allow us to move away from the dependency situation, is free education for all Aboriginal people at all levels. 

6.My sixth point is that there is an urgent need to establish an effective, independent, non-government sponsored national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island organisation. 

7.My seventh point is Health, Sport and Recreation.

5. Historical report from 1993 Indigenous business conference Rod Williams 
If we calculated how much is being spent in the Black Economy each year, which is made up of the Aboriginal Affairs budget, the 2% of other Government Departments contracts that should be directed at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business and the income generated by doing business with one another, imagine the control and benefits the Black Economy can give us.
Today many of our people measure financial benefits by how many social programs Government has implemented that year. Real financial change is about getting the Black Economy moving in a direction that will benefit both the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and individual business houses.

Rod Williams
Gongan Consulting
Read full speech here
6. Who is Claystone Marketing Marketing?

Claystone was founded by Mervyn Fernando a young Dunghutti and Kamilaroi entrepreneur and marketing professional. He is a 2017 graduate from Latrobe University in addition completing an undergraduate degree in business, majoring in marketing. Merv has since worked in Claystone Marketing, servicing clients from a range of industries and supporting them with all their communication needs. Merv’s life goal is to become a nationally recognised marketing professional.

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7. Claystone Marketing launches new range of services 
1. Communication strategies.

2. Communications and media audits.

3. Media and public relations campaigns.

4. Website design. 

5. Organisation branding and graphics. 

6. Social media policy for organisations.

7. Social media training courses.

8. Social media management

9. Video production 

10. Media / Social media crisis plans

For more about our services click here

8. Our Indigenous Medical Supply Service to ACCHO's
Indigenous Medical Supplies is a 100% Indigenous-owned medical device & PPE supplier to Australia’s healthcare setting and other workplaces. Our products include Face Masks, Hand Sanitisers, Alcohol Wipes, Surgical Masks & Defibrillators. IMS was established in 2018 and is a fully insured company and listed on Supply Nations’ national Indigenous business directory.  

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9. Contact us 
10. Please share this newsletter with your networks 

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