IMS partner with The I Am, Movement

Indigenous Medical Supplies are proud to announce a partnership with ‘The I am Movement’.

Founded by Tanika Davis, ‘The I am Movement’ aim to provide cultural & informative resources to Aboriginal parents & caregivers of those who are living with Autism.

The idea of the movement Tanika says, started from the recent diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with her two-year-old son ‘Slade’.

“It was a bit of a shock at first for me and my partner ’Adrian’ when we first discovered the diagnosis, the information in itself was too overwhelming”, say’s Tanika.

The company’s Founder Tanika with a background in Indigenous Health Promotion, through her experience noticed a gap in the resources provided by current professionals & organisations.

“I want to inspire and build a cultural platform for families to learn about autism & be ok with it”, say’s Tanika.

In 2020, The I Am, Movement will be holding community-led forums for Indigenous people, families and health professionals to come together to share experiences on ASD and learn how they can work together to build a culturally safe journey throughout the diagnoses.

Out of the forum, Tanika plans to put together a cultural friendly & informative booklet that will empower & enhance communities understanding of ASD.

For more information about ‘The I am, Movement’ visit website below:

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